The Studiemetronoom app is designed for students who attend a university and have problems with scheduling their work. Studiemetronoom isn't the first of it's kind, the appstore's are full with apps that fullfill similair functions. Studiemetronoom distincts itself by focusing on students within the autistic spectrum specifically, and providing an unique design and user experience that cater to the needs of this group. The app was made for iOS, Android and the Windows Phone platform.

During this project, I was responsible for the design and development of the Android version of the app, aswell as the back-end for all three platforms.


Build to accomodate students within the autistic spectrum.

The Studiemetronoom app is tailored for students within the autistic spectrum. With the help of several studies and interviews we were able to create a base and vision for the user interface and user experience for the app.

The app makes use of colors, shapes and symbols to guide the user through the app in a visually stimulating way. The app also gives users the option to select several interface presets to make the app usable in a diverse range.

Minimal setup

Studiemetronoom allows you to import all of your subjects and exams from the InHolland backend.


Track your progress

The app tracks your current progress of subjects and notifies you when a deadline is near.


Create subjects, tasks and exams

Studiemetronoom allows you to easily create, edit and customize your various tasks, exams and subjects.


Schedule your university work with Studiemetronoom.