Miracoli website

MIRacoli b.v.


Miracoli is a company that helps you assemble your ideal trip to Italy. These trips can be private or business-related. Miracoli can also help you put together special events in Italy. The website serves to provide you with information about the company aswell as the different services it offers.

During this project I was responsible for processing the given design, building part of the website and optimizing the website for mobile devices.

A one page design

The miracoli website is build with an one-page structure. This means that everything the website offers is available on continious webpage. This simplifies the website and increases the ease of use.

The menu on the website allows the user to quickly navigate the landing page.

Optimized for mobile devices

The website is optimized for mobile use and this makes for a good user experience on a large range of mobile devices. From smartphones to tablets, the website takes a suitable form that allows for proper navigation.